TECHNICAL TRAINING (Internal, External)

The R&D department gives training to sales staff since the products involved require application knowledge. Apart from detailed induction programs, there is a criterion of minimum number of training programs that a sales person needs to undergo to get job promotions.
R&D also offers training to Polishers & Dealers periodically whenever a new product is introduced. A case in point was the launch of specialty wood coatings. When a new product like water-based coatings was introduced, elaborate training was offered to help polishers understand & appreciate the concept. A new initiative to sustain this external training is the creation of a new cadre in the sales force called TSO, ie Technical Sales Officers. These officers who were once Sales Officers are now being groomed to offer support on the field to such R&D initiatives.


A regular training calendar is set every quarter to improve human skills. Sheenlac believes in the power of synergy, where in the outcome of 3 & 3 need not necessarily be 6, but could be 9 or even 27 based on how they are strategically combined.


Sheenlac has its own proprietary approach to Sales Training. Salesmen across regions speak a common language and share a common zeal because of the usage of such tools.


One key perquisite provided to employees of Sheenlac is the personality development training resource. Since self-development is not a one-time ad-hoc activity, this initiative is provided throughout the year. The focus of such programs is the identification of one's hidden potential.

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